Art is a passion, a fulfillment within me that I have enjoyed ever since I could remember.  I always loved the different forms of art, including music, theater, film, painting, photography and sculpture.  My fondest desire is to instill this in others and share the knowledge I have acquired.

When I teach, I first show my students how to see. 

Early experiences told me of the beauty of artistic expression, of the blessing that is to externalize one's truest feelings and ideas and share them with the world; it showed me who I wanted to be, the best and truest artist I could be and what I wanted to do, share that knowledge and appreciation of art with others.  I have the hope that my students will be able to express what is in their hearts and minds so that they too would be able to share those thoughts with others.  In this world we are now facing, it is of the utmost importance.

As I studied more, I was fortunate enough to be able to share each learning situation with others.  I taught what I had learned to elementary students through adults, which helped me to grow as well as fulfill that desire to share this fabulous wealth of information.

Art Center College of Design in Pasadena was my concluding choice of art schools.  Along with classes abroad in Paris, France and Florence, Italy I was able to learn from the masters themselves.  During that time I still kept my hand at teaching.  I taught computer graphics as well as painting and drawing.

 I have a strong desire to pass on my knowledge and skills with others.  To enjoy the personal interaction of teaching and to be able to work with each student on an individual basis.  To take these students on a trip through history of process and bring them on their own individual creative path.  I ask my students to go and see works of art and examine how they are done.  See museums and galleries.  Look around and see.  See form, line, color and design.  Visit other artist and gleam all you can.  To share!

My goal was to be the best artist I could be.  That is a goal in progress!

Franczeska Bobi Angel

(805) 474-0244